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Halloween is right around the corner, and you’re fresh out of Halloween costume ideas. You have less than a week to figure out what to wear for Halloween. If you’re anything like me, you’re completely clueless as to what to throw together last minute for the party you may only be at for an hour or two.

Maybe you don’t want to spend a lot of time, money, or just waited until last minute. Whatever the case, here are a few last minute Halloween looks instead of traditional Halloween costume ideas.

1. Spooky and Sexy Halloween Makeup

There are obviously a ton of tutorials for Halloween makeup on Pinterest, YouTube, etc. using your own cosmetics. But if you’re anything like me, no matter how “easy” it appears to be, you’ll always find a way to mess up a makeup look.

Why not just use a more simple approach with some face tattoos and makeup kit like this Day of the Dead Makeup Kit at boohoo for $5. If you have no makeup skills whatsoever, you can throw on a face sticker like these Halloween Cat Face Stickers at Missguided for $8.

You can make your look an entire ensemble with some festive or sexy clothes (i.e. this Michael Kors Metallic Leopard Mock-Neck Top and black leggings), or wear something simple like a black or white top and casual pants/jeans.

2. “This Is My Halloween Costume”

Halloween costumes are so 5 years ago! 😉 Have you ever seen someone at a Halloween costume party without a costume? Someone asks them, “What are you supposed to be?”. And they respond, “This is my Halloween costume”.

Why not just dodge the BS and wear a shirt or dress that says it (like this Halloween Jumper at boohoo)? Bonus: You will look really cute, too! Now they won’t come and ask you about it. I can’t promise they won’t make a dumb joke though. 🙂

PS: Check out our Looks page more of these dresses and shirts.

3. Cute, Funny, Sexy Halloween Clothing

Instead of worrying about traditional Halloween costume ideas, maybe just put on some Halloween themed clothing. There are a ton of options depending on your desired level of effort, and require a lot less thought and time than a full costume!

Go for something on the sexier side, like this Glow in the Dark Skeleton Bodycon Dress (boohoo, $12.50). If you want next to no effort, opt for a cute tee, such as this “Happy Hallo-Wine” Ghost Tee (Chicgrace, $13.29).

Head over to our Looks page to see more of these clothing options!

4. Halloween Accessories

Instead of worrying about your entire ensemble, just dress up whatever you decide to put on with some Halloween accessories. Wear something as simple as Halloween themed jewelry, like these Alexander McQueen Crystal Embellished Skeleton Earrings (Matches Fashion, $595). Or, throw on some cat ears like this cute Cara Crystal Cat Ears Headband (Nordstrom, $20) and ta-da, you are now a kitty!

Dress it up or down – wear a black dress you already have, or throw on some jeans and a tee. (There’s more accessories ideas on our Looks page, too.)

5. Face Masks

When all else fails… throw on a mask (like these Glow in the Dark Skull Masks, $23 or Black Lace Bunny Ears, $19 at Missguided)! There are a ton of cute options out, and it’s obviously the most simple (and inexpensive!) choice. Dress it up with a LBD and heels, or if you’re really in a pinch, make it work with some dark lipstick and jeans.

Check out our Looks page for other ideas and our Halloween Pinterest boards for a plethora of inspiration.

Happy Halloween Witches! 😉