New Tory Burch Summer Essentials for Your Perfect Vacation Look

We are huge fans of Tory Burch! She has released some gorgeous styles (as always!) for spring and summer. They’re fresh, crisp, and colorful for your perfect summer look. I’m in love with the bright “Sweet Tangerine” shade in some of the Tory Burch summer styles.

There are many to choose from, but you’ll love these super luscious items we’ve picked to show you. Check out these swimsuits, beach wear, bags, and accessories from the Tory Burch summer collection. Enjoy!


Swimsuits & Beach Wear:

Tory Burch Kaleidoscope Bikini


Tory Burch Kaleidoscope Bikini Top & Bikini Bottoms ($98 each,

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Tory Burch Kaleidoscope Tank One-Piece Swimsuit

Tory Burch Kaleidoscope Tank One-Piece Swimsuit ($198,

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Tory Burch Wildflower Embroidered Linen Dress/Cover-Up


Tory Burch Wildflower Embroidered Linen Dress/Cover-Up ($298,

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Tory Burch Gingham Print One-Piece Swimsuit

Tory Burch Gingham Print One-Piece Swimsuit ($258,

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Tory Burch V-Neck One-Piece Swimsuit in “Sweet Tangerine”

Tory Burch V-Neck One-Piece Swimsuit in “Sweet Tangerine” ($198,

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Tory Burch Double Diamond Cotton Trousers

Tory Burch Double Diamond Cotton Trousers ($248,

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