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Summer is always a fun time to shop for new threads. Floppy hats, sunglasses, and summer shorts, oh my! There are so many cute trends right now such as high-waisted, floral prints, bright and bold patterns, and soft and comfy shorts – just to name a few.

Get inspired for your summer shopping with these super cute picks we’ve rounded up for you. Bonus: They’re all under $20! You’re welcome. 😀

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Trends in Summer Shorts Under $20


DaySeventh Casual Summer Beach Shorts with Drawstring in Orange (Amazon, $4)



Casual Beach Shorts with Drawstring in Purple (Amazon, $4)



Blue Casual Summer Beach Shorts with Drawstring (Amazon, $11)



Floral Print Summer Shorts with Pom Poms (Amazon, $6)


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Porcelain Print Tassel Trim Shorts (ROMWE, $7)



Casual Summer Shorts with Palm Leaves & Pom Poms (Amazon, $4)



Palm Leaf & Floral Print Tassel Trim Shorts (ROMWE, $6)



Tropical Floral Print Pom Pom Shorts (ROMWE, $8)



White Floral Print Pom Pom Shorts (ROMWE, $8)



Floral Print White Pom Pom Shorts (ROMWE, $7)



Colorful Floral Print White Pom Pom Shorts (ROMWE, $8)



Lookatool Casual Summer Shorts with Drawstring (Amazon, $11)



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Navy Embroidery Floral Summer Shorts (Amazon, $15)



Striped Drawstring Waist Shorts with Wave Edge (SHEIN, $6)



Pink Beach Shorts with Drawstring (Amazon, $9)



Frill Waist Self Tie Shorts (SHEIN, $12)




Striped Self Tie Waist Shorts (SHEIN, $6)




Red Floral Casual Summer Shorts (Amazon, $11)




High Waist Printed Casual Shorts (Amazon, $11)



SHEIN Frill Waist Self Belted Shorts (SHEIN, $11)




Belted Ruffle Waist Striped Shorts (SHEIN, $11)





Lace-Up Light Green Shorts (SammyDress, $10)


Did you love these shorts? Let us know what wearing this summer, or show us how you rocked these styles!

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