Shorts That’ll Get You Super Stoked For Summer

So, are you a summer lover or hater? Some of us love it, and others hate the hot weather. Either way, if you’re a clothes lover like I am, summer is always fun to shop for new threads. Floppy hats, sunglasses, and summer shorts, oh my!

There are some really cute trends this year in summer shorts. High waist, floral prints and other patterns, soft and comfy, and bright colored shorts are a few trends you’ll see.

We’ve rounded up some super cute picks to get you in the mood for summer, whether you’re a lover or a hater. Get inspired for summer shopping with these shorts. Bonus: They’re all under $20! You’re welcome. 😀 Enjoy!

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Trends in Summer Shorts Under $20


DaySeventh Casual Summer Beach Shorts with Drawstring in Orange (Amazon, $4)


Casual Beach Shorts with Drawstring in Purple (Amazon, $4)


Blue Casual Summer Beach Shorts with Drawstring (Amazon, $11)


Floral Print Summer Shorts with Pom Poms (Amazon, $6)




Porcelain Print Tassel Trim Shorts (ROMWE, $7)


Casual Summer Shorts with Palm Leaves & Pom Poms (Amazon, $4)


Palm Leaf & Floral Print Tassel Trim Shorts (ROMWE, $6)


Tropical Floral Print Pom Pom Shorts (ROMWE, $8)


White Floral Print Pom Pom Shorts (ROMWE, $8)


Floral Print White Pom Pom Shorts (ROMWE, $7)


Colorful Floral Print White Pom Pom Shorts (ROMWE, $8)


Lookatool Casual Summer Shorts with Drawstring (Amazon, $11)




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