Featured Image: Floral Print Cami Strap Maxi Dress from SHEIN

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got spring fever really bad this year! In fact, I think many have an extra case of spring fever. Maybe it’s because of the super cold winter we’ve all just experienced. But this year, I’m really loving floral dresses for spring. You may have noticed yourself they’re a big part of this spring’s fashion trends.

There is not a shortage of cute clothes (and shoes, and bags, etc., etc….) coming out this year. The spring fever probably just adds to that excitement!

So, here’s 15 adorable floral dresses, to get you ready for spring (if you aren’t already). Enjoy!


Casual Floral Dresses for Spring


Spaghetti Strap Floral Print Mesh Midi Dress

Choies, Reg Price $30


Floral Pattern Tie Waist Casual Mini Dress

Fairy Season, $12


Blue Floral Print Maxi Dress with Slit

Choies, Reg Price $26

How To Wear It:

Off-Shoulder White Floral Maxi Dress

Fairy Season,  $18


Bright Floral Maxi Dress with Slit

Fairy Season, $18


Halter Maxi Dress with Floral Border

Fairy Season, $16 (Reg Price $23)


Cami Strap Maxi Dress with Floral Print

SHEIN, $16


Palm Leaf Print Short Sleeve Dress

SHEIN, $13 (Reg Price $33)


Flare Sleeve Flowy Floral Print Dress

Fairy Season, Reg Price $20


Loose Fit Mini Dress with Flower Accents

Fairy Season, $16


Tie-Waist Off-Shoulder Mini Dress in White and Black

Fairy Season, $20


Maxi Dress Off-Shoulder with Flower Print and Slit

Fairy Season, $17


Paisley and Floral Print Flare Maxi Dress

SHEIN, $27 (Reg Price $54)


White Off-Shoulder Mini Dress with Blue Flowers

Fairy Season, $20


Tie-Waist Floral Off-Shoulder Dress with Ruffled Hem

Fairy Season, $19

(Please Note: All product prices and availability are valid as of article publishing date, and subject to change at discretion of the merchant.)



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